The webinar is an opportunity to introduce the character of Robinson Crusoe through a series of lessons. What aspects of Robinson Crusoe are relevant to the students? His adventures are a classic example of a young person rebelling against his parents. The proposed techniques try to make students understand how important and essential Robinson Crusoe is. Images which engage and provoke them; suggestions to involve them in exploring the storyline and help them to get to grips with language, so different from modern English. By using extracts, finding parallels with the novel and Defoe’s life, the webinar is concerned with contemporary themes such as the relationship with other people, nature and our desires, also through creative writing and dramatisation exercises. The webinar will be conducted in English.


Brian Ayres is  an English actor and speaker. He visits schools with special programmes/performances and runs courses for students and teachers of primary, middle and secondary schools and universities. He trained as an actor for three years at Drama Centre, London, and he’s particularly interested in how language can be explored in a creative, enjoyable and personal way, both to express ourselves as individuals and to reinforce our capacity to function well in groups.


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